Pokonobe's Specialty Natural Oils


Wheat germ, the vital force of the wheat berry, yields an invaluable oil extracted from fresh-milled wheat germ. Wheat Germ Oil provides one of the richest sources of natural vitamin E and the powerful anti-oxidant Octacosanol.

The germ, which comprises less than 2% of the grain is a powerhouse of nutrition and is sold as a dietary supplement. Wheat germ oil supplies eight essential amino acids, is a good source of B-Complex vitamins, as well as linolenic and linoleic fatty acids which the body needs to produce energy and structural lipids.

It is also highly valued in the cosmetic field. Because of its content of fat-soluble vitamins, sterols and hormones it is well established as an important ingredient in topical hair treatments and skin care. Its embryonic origin makes it an ideal composition for cellular improvement creams.

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