Pokonobe's Specialty Natural Oils


One of the fastest growing of all plants in the wild, the sunflower, native to Mexico and Peru, is still prized today as it was by the Incas, for every part of the plant has its economic uses. High Oleic Sunflower Oil has an exceptional shelf life.

Due to its high smoke point, delicate flavor and light consistency, High Oleic Sunflower Oil makes an excellent choice for baking, frying and salad dressings. In the confectionery industry, High Oleic Sunflower Oil is a popular substitute for saturated fats, where it is used to roast nuts and in the coatings of raisins, cereals and candy bars.

Expanded awareness among consumers has caused a growing number of processing companies to incorporate High Oleic Sunflower Oil into their cholesterol-free products, since it is believed to offer outstanding health benefits, and contains high levels of vitamin E.

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