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St. John’s Wort oil derives its unique name from the golden yellow petals of the Hypericum plant, said to be gathered on the eve of St. John the Baptist’s day… to ward off evil. The oil, made from an infusion of the flowers in olive oil, is listed in the German Pharmacopeia as an all-purpose herbal remedy from antiquity to the present time. Concurring with herbal folklore, St. John’s Wort oil is used today to treat a wide variety of problems and injuries.

Reported in phytotherapy literature, St. John’s Wort oil is allotted wonderful virtues. Open wounds and burns are reputed to heal faster in that the oil reduces the susceptibility to inflammation. In addition to its anti inflammatory action, the main active ingredient, hypericin is claimed to provide nerve soothing, anti-aging, regenerative and antiseptic properties.

In the cosmetic field, St. John’s Wort oil is used as an active principle or as a carrier in the oily phase, without any proportion limit. It is used in a variety of face care products, baby shampoos and creams, products for thin and limp hair, and protective suntan lotions.

Although the herb itself is most commonly known as an anti-depressant, St John’s Wort oil has other pharmaceutical uses as well. It is sometimes recommended in the literature in cases of stomach pains, colic or intestinal disorders, and lung congestion due to its expectorant activity.

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