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Shea Butter, (also known as Karite and African Butter), is derived from the nuts of the genus Butyorsperum Parkii Kotschy, a tree that grows in Central Africa. The tiny, almond like berries render high quality butter, particularly useful in the cosmetics industry. The pits contain up to 50% triglycerides (lipids) and are roasted at a controlled temperature before pressing, assuring a higher yield of unsaponifiables, and lower acidity.

The native Africans used Shea Butter for food as well as body care. In Japan it is used as a replacement for dairy butter in cooking, and therefore, is popular with vegetarians.

A key component, Stigmasterol, a sterol known as the "anti stiffness factor", explains why Shea Butter has long been used in Africa as a massage balm for sore muscles, rheumatism, burns and light wounds. Shea Butter is thought to provide protection from ultraviolet rays. It is believed to be helpful in healing skin disorders such as dermatitis and anti-elastase problems.

Shea Butter is non-toxic and gentle and is used by the cosmetics industry in baby and sensitive skin products. It is also used as a substitute for petroleum derived products. It is interesting to note: In certain parts of Africa it has been prized for medicinal purposes for centuries, but only recently in this country has the FDA affirmed that Shea Butter is GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and an acceptable substitute for cocoa butter.

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