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Sesame seeds were first used over 6000 years ago and were one of the first seeds to be pressed for their high edible oil content.

An important characteristic of Sesame Oil is sesamol, a substance responsible for sustaining its quality and stability, thereby giving the oil an extended shelf-life. Sesame Oil contains a high proportion of oleic and linoleic acids.

Sesame Oil is characterized by a mild, yet distinctive taste and is a mainstay of nutrition in many eastern countries. Used in many different types of cooking, toasted Sesame Oil is one of the distinguished flavors enjoyed in much of Chinese cuisine. It is often used in a wide variety of condiments and dressings.
In the cosmetics industry, Sesame Oil is used as a lubricant to soothe and soften the skin, as a base in soaps and as a fixative in perfumes. In the pharmaceutical industry, Sesame Oil plays an important role due to its high stability; and it acts as a carrier and solvent for many medicines.

Sesame Oil is rich in lecithin, which is thought to help build the nervous system, and when taken internally to soothe and protect the alimentary canal. Renowned in Ayurvedic medicine for use in massage, it is reputed to improve circulation.

Over the centuries, Sesame Oil has been used in everything from plasters, linaments and lubricants, to primitive machinery and insecticides.

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