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Cocoa Butter is a rich, versatile fat obtained by pressing crushed Theobroma cocoa seeds, and is aptly named "the food of the Gods." Its pleasant flavor and aroma develop during processing; Cocoa Butter obtained from roasted cocoa beans has a strong flavor reminiscent of cocoa, while unroasted steamed cocoa beans render a considerably milder, yet distinctive flavor.

Cocoa Butter is an emollient, effective because of its extremely low fatty acid content, which offers long shelf-life and non-interference with active ingredients. It also has the ability to recrystallize during processing into a stable crystal modification, due to its unique triglyceride composition.

It is a prized ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry, due to its low melting point; it is solid at room temperature, but melts at body temperature. This ability offers Cocoa Butter a wide range of uses from suppositories and lip balm, to bath oils and suntan lotions. It also contributes to the attractive gloss of chocolates, lipsticks and hair products, making it invaluable to the cosmetic industry as well.

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