Pokonobe's Specialty Natural Oils


Castor Oil is extracted from the seed of the castor tree, Ricinus Communis, and is the only commercially important oil containing major amounts of an 18 carbon hydroxylated fatty acid. Scientific and historical records reveal that regardless of origin, the chemical nature and composition are remarkably uniform.
Castor Oil USP is used as a laxative under the advice of a physician, having a cathartic/purgative effect, which was recorded as far back in history as the ancient Egyptians. Historically, it was believed by the Incas of Peru to possess spiritual powers, which they used "to drive out demons".

Its excellent emollient and lubricating properties and marked ability to wet and disperse dyes, pigments and fillers, make it popular in the cosmetic industry where it is noted for its ability to carry the highest possible concentration of dye and pigment needed in lipsticks and other cosmetics. In the pharmaceutical industry it is used as an emollient and coupling solvent. It is also used in personal products and toiletries.

Castor oil is highly compatible with other oils, waxes, natural resins and gums, synthetic resins and cellulosics. It is known to soften and soothe the skin, with an ability to lubricate, penetrate and plasticise, promoting mutual solvency and adhesion.

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