Pokonobe's Specialty Natural Oils


Avocado Oil is obtained from the buttery flesh of the avocado fruit. It is used extensively in cosmetic preparations, and is also popular in the culinary world where its mild, slightly nutty flavor is versatile enough to complement almost any dish.

The therapeutic claims of Avocado Oil date back to ancient herbalists who believed that it stimulated hair growth. It is also believed that the combination of unsaponifiable substances and phytosterols may penetrate and soften hard and inelastic tissue. It is found as an active ingredient in many cleansing creams, hair conditioners, lipsticks, makeup bases, suntan and bath oils.

For the health conscious, Avocado Oil is known for its stability and high monounsaturated fatty acid content. Its pleasant flavor makes it a great no cholesterol substitute for butter on popcorn

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